Has anyone ever flown on Icelandair, If so how was it?


Years ago, but it was marvelous.

The equipment was squeeky clean, the service was warm and friendly and the “eye candy” Icelandic stewardesses were an added bonus!

Enjoy your trip to Iceland. Try to see one of their geothermal power/heat sources. Visit the ice fields and the volcanoes if at all possible.

If they’re having a Jeep race while you’re there, and they probably will as it’s very popular, be sure to go.




Never been to Iceland, but I’ve always wanted to go. There’s an actual rating of beauty based on nationality, and Icelandic women are #1 in the world, even higher than Sweden. Oh, yeah, and the geothermal features are supposed to be nice too. :wink:


Just to clarify, this isn’t your average “race”!

Nor are they using your average Jeep!

Think of a Jeep with the biggest and baddest blown V8 you can imagine shoehorned into the engine compartment. Now put on a set of sand shovel tires large enough to fit some tractors and turn it loose on one of the volcanic ash dunes that cover portions of the island.

You will swear that some of these rigs can go straight up the dune face!

Oh, and get very comfortable before you go with the concept that trying to look someone up in the phonebook is usually an exercise in futility as people are listed by what we consider to be their FIRST name.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a bit of an Icelandaphile as I have relatives there through my Mother’s extended Danish and Norwegian families.




Hopefully you get a ride on one of the 757’s with winglets.


Well, going there we’re on a 752, but coming back, we’re on the 763!