Vacation to ID, UT


I’m going on vacation this Saturday for 2.5 weeks to Idaho and Utah. Do you know of any places (aviation or not) that I should go to? Thanks


They’re pretty large states, so not knowing specifically what parts you’re going to, I have a few suggestions:

UT: -Bryce Canyon National Park–Gorgeous Geology & Natural Bridges
-Moab (Eastern UT)–More Geological Beauty, Hikers’ Paradise

ID: -Go East and a little north to Yellowstone (a small sliver of the park is in ID; most is in WY). Simply put: It’s the most beautiful mountain and wildlife scenery I’ve ever seen. I was there for 7 days, and feel like I saw maybe 2% of it. If you like to hike, get out into the backcountry, away from all the tourists. Dress warmly, as most of the park is above 6500 ft., and there’s usually snow on the ground (in places) well into June.
-Go fly fishing or white water rafting on the Snake River

  Again, depending on where you're actually going, these may be a hell of a drive.  I'm by no means an expert on either state, but I've been to both, and enjoyed all of the above except for the Snake River stuff (I've fished and rafted elsewhere though).

BTW: What the hell’s this got to do w/ aviation? :wink:


If you will be in SW Idaho, the McCall/Cascade area is beautiful. Nampa Airport has a Warhawk museum that is pretty neat. Central Idaho, Sun Valley is always nice as is the Stanley/Sawtooth Mountain area.


Thanks for the tips! :smiley:
I’m gonna be all around ID, north half of UT, and the western 1/3 of MT.
I’ll go to the Warhawk Museum, Perrine Memorial Bridge, Shoshone Falls, and some places I see on the way. More tips are welcome.

What does BTW mean? I see it a lot.


BTW=“By The Way”

You’re in the right areas for Yellowstone, and western MT is another photographers’ dream. Have fun!!


Bryce and Zion parks are in southern Utah, which is a long way from Idaho, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to get to them, but they are definitely worth the trip. Amazing locales.


Totally agree. I went there as a baby and I’m gonna go on a later trip. I heard its awesome and have seen pics.


I lived in Utah for a year while I went to school. Utah itself is extremely beautiful (who knew? I didnt!) and I loved the fact that I was a day’s drive from something like 8 national parks. We visited Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, Zion, Escalante, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and even the salt flats (neat to see them racing in the summer…dont go in the spring, its a swamp.)