Want to get back into the air in a TBM


Well here’s my story guys. I’m 25. Just under 1100 hours in fling-wings. 15 hours in C172’s. CFII (H) and IGI ratings. And haven’t flown in over a year.
My company went bankrupt and flooded the market with pilots and so finding a job was hard to say the least. I’ve finally settled down in the PDX area and am itching to fly again either helo’s but I really want to find my way in a TBM. I’m in love with the way they look and the cockpit. ( I’ll take a Meridian too)

So my dilemma is this. How easy is it to get back into flying after a year. And I would like to get into the fixed wing world and actually use some IFR knowledge that I had taught but never experienced. Any good schools that have good equipment in the PDX, SW washinton area. And are there companies who use TBM’s? Or are most operators of them private? Will any good people out there take in a guy to train in his TBM and build up under his wings?? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you live in Portland like your screen name suggests go to Hillsboro aviation, rent the sim, get instrument currant. Apply with Ameriflight, you can fly a PA-31 and the pay isn’t that bad. Call the portland office and ask for Mike Willimson he is the Ass. Chief Pilot assigned to Portland.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear but I have all my hours in helicopters (fling-wings). All my ratings are rotorcraft and no fixed wing ratings. I do see all the feeder carriers all coming up the wilammette al the time in their PA-31’s and 208’s

I’ll give them a call in due time, but I need to build some hours I assume first in everything.

Do you know if you’re home every night with Ameriflight?


Actually you can accuse me of not reading the entire post cause I missed much more then that.

YES you are home every night i worked there for a year. if you go to http://ameriflight.com/Employment/employment.asp you can see what they require.


But if you have friends in the helo industry up here. I checked with most companies and they’re not hiring helo pilots.


If you want to fly helos again you could search the FAA database for owners around the region. I know there are a few around here with new equipment.