God is the pilot


300 hour pilot working on inst,mult,com. That said , currently working as a contractor in Iraq. dont want to continue to pack a gun, I want to fly as God gave me a passion and I want to fill the desire. I know I will hear a lot of na sayers on this but if there is anyone who God is speaking to about hiring a 43 year old married christian man. we dont care where we live or what country it is in. I was raised a country boy,been a police officer 10 yrs, sniper, and just want to fly for a living and in hopes of serving the Lord with flying, not to mention being home with my bride of 10 years, I am not begging for a job, as I do quite well, and could do it for a few more years, but money is not everything, just feel the desire to use more of my talants God gave me. If the Lord is not calling you to answer then not my time yet. I just felt this was where I should post this, and knew of no other. Thanks

If you meet me and forget you have lost nothing, but if you meet Jesus and forget you have lost everything :smiley:


If you want to get a job I’d suggest toning down the religious stuff.
Then you’ll need to gain more exp. 300hr will get you a VFR only job. Try tour companies in Alaska or San Juan Airlines in Washington state, making left hand turns around the ditch (grand canyon) is also an option.
Once. You’ve got 1200 hous get a 135 IFR job. Flying checks for Ameriflight or Flight express is good work.
After 5-10 years of the above you can move on to jets.

You could take a short cut and get a job ($20k a year) as a FO for a commuter, but then you’ll never be a good pilot at all. Just a button pusher.


Have you tried any of the missionary organizations such as Missionary Flights International, Agape Flights, and Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Enter “Missionary flight” into Google for more missionary flight organizations.

I think it’s great that you aren’t afraid to share your belief in God!


Thanks for the feed back, Its not the money and I dont want to fly for the money thats my point I want to be a servant for God and thats why i posted the “God is the Pilot” so those who are Christians or feel God tugging at their heart to have a need, for a person like me, I can reman in my current job, buy a twin and get a job flying to get 1200 hours, but that is not what I feel i need to do, I want God to bring the right person or company into my life. I will look at the flight co mentioned above, thanks.


For he will lift you up on eagles wings bare you on the breath of dawn make you toshine like the sun and hold you in the palm of his hand… press on with faith my friend :smiley: