Video of NV Mtn Top Landing / Take-off

Take a look at the video at the address below to see a Super Cub land on a NV mountain top strip, or maybe just call it a “patch” and the subsequent take-off. This pilot must have a fatal (to be) addition to adrenalin… In the least, the video shows me some definite crosswind over the ridge.
Seems he stopped the video after landing. If he got out, I sure hope he found good tiedowns, 'cause the hike outta there looked like more than a tennis shoe walk.
Then he takes off - or maybe call it: he jumps the cub off the edge into the headwind, and then parallels the ridgeline. Hope the video distorts the reality of his flight over this environment! … p_912.html

That is too effin cool! Definitely one of those vids you have to see because there’s no good way to describe it. Next vid will probably be him landing on the wing of a B747 while the B747 is in flight.

There are a bunch of videos similar to that one on u tube. Start by doing a search for backcountry flying then go from there. Most are not that spectacular but since most pilots will never get to some of the strips they go to it is a good way to kill 30 minutes.

Thanks, porterjet. Never seen this type of jolt of adrenalin before.

There are 4 “strips” in Idaho that are considered to be the big 4 as far as backcountry flying goes. Do a search for Mile Hi, Dewey Moore, Vines and I forget the 4th. All are open to the public and are run by either the Idaho Department of Aviation or the Forest Service or both. The primary use is for fire fighting but as a byproduct, if you will, are also recreational in use.

Could you possibly mean Soldier Bar? That one freaked me the heck out, sorta in the lines of Courchevelle and Lukla/Tenzing-Hillary. You pretty much only get one shot at this, and with the turn in the runway, makes it even more fun.


OK, you made me look it up…lol
Simmonds is the 4th one, but there are quite a few more hair raising ones too.
On the other hand if you want a bit of a challenge in a 172 style airplane Johnson Creek is noted for being the one to try first. Be proficient though.

Looks like you’ll need a very forgiving pair of struts to navigate this one. Before I die I’ve got to arrange a front seat view of this!

Until you can get there in person this will have to do:

click on airfield explorer then do a search for soldier bar (or wherever) click on the result then scroll down to the video’s section.


Actually, Courchevelle and Lukla were bad examples, as they just slope up and are off a huge cliff.

A better example, especially with a curve in the runway, is Swope Farm (WV11), in West Virginia. Have a look at the satellite image of where it’s at and how the runway is oriented. You’d have fun there. Here’s also a bit of history on the field. Interesting stuff.


“Sparky” would have been impressed.