Interesting plane seen landing at Las Vegas-McCarran (LAS)


Hi all. I was planespotting near KLAS, and I saw a 737 with an “M” on the tail, adorned with a palm tree. Any thoughts on the operator? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Google Miami Air, could it be that?

Could you tell what version of 737 it was?


Miami Air doesn’t have a palm tree


A stab in the dark —

Could it be “M Resort Spa Casino’s” plane?


I know it wasn’t Miami Air, as their tails have globes on them. This one lacked a globe.

It could have been owned by M Resort, but I don’t have a way of confirming it.



One of these?


Probably not, as Magni Charters only operates domestic flights out of Mexico City. No international service. Thanks, though!



Oh. Whoops. That might be it. Thanks for your help!