Trans-Atlantic 737s


Are there any airlines that fly the 737 across the pond? :wink:


PrivatAir has multiple daily transatlantic flights on B737/A32S on behalf of several airlines.


Astraeus is another example. It is a charter airline from UK. Flew a scheduled service from Gatwick to St. John’s CYYT / Deer Lake CYDF to service tourist traffic into the island. They used 737-700’s.

Miami Air International is a regular for fuel in Gander CYQX before the hop over the pond. They fly 737-400 and 737-800’s.


On the flip side Aloha flies between mainland and Hawaii and as of 9 days ago Alaska provides service to the islands from Seattle.


…and all point in between.

Westjet has a scheduled nonstop flight from Calgary CYYC to St. John’s CYYT.

Great Circle Mapper: CYYT to CYYC … MAP-STYLE=

This outdistances a flight from St. John’s CYYT to Heathrow EGLL by a few hundred miles.

Great Circle Mapper: CYYT to EGLL … MAP-STYLE=


Did my usual scan of the area one morning and discovered a 737 on its way from CID (Cedar Rapids, IA) to Reykjavik (sic?). THAT woke me up. Don’t have any idea what that was about. Is there also not an upper-end flight from Munich to Chicago once or twice a week in some kind of 737? Luxurious and if you have to ask you can’t afford it sort of thing, I was led to believe. Jan nr CID


A friend of mine flew back from Iraq (with European stops, obviously) on a 738…:open_mouth: :angry: I don’t know who chartered the (military) flight.


Oh yeah, I forgot about Westjet… they do the Hawaii run too.


Doesn’t John Travolta own a 737? I know he flys to Europe in it (but it might be a little hard to get a ticket on that one).


Its a 707, N707JT. Search the forum. There are LOTS of discussions about it.


Don,t forget about Aloha Airlines


Ryanair will start flying transatlantic with their 738s in the next few years, one definate dest will be New Yorks Newark airport though Ryanair havent decided whether to fly into canada yet


Alaska airlines flies across to Hawai too.



N720CH does it all the times. it’s base is Miami’s Opa Locka airport (KOPF). I’ve tracked it departing on a non stop from Miami to Honolulu! It’s configured for 13 passengers. As of today it shows a flight between Moscow’s Domodedovo and JAX, Florida

I’ve photographed it here parked ta KOPF


ETOPS certification, aka Extended Twin-engine Operations,

In reality it means Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim!


Feel free to share your pics, I’d like to see them. There is a thread under “General” for posting pics of planes. Thanks :slight_smile:


I forggot to paste the link to the photo. I’d be happy to share my collection of several thousand aviation photos, only a small number of them are loaded in my pbase galleries:

All galleries are here:

Check out this smoking Gulfstream, I think it’s a Gulfstream II:


Thanks for posting. That is a G-III.


Piloted by Luth. , Private Air flies Airbus 320’s . but… I thought they also had a 737 running on that route.