Why not seeing green transit flights in chrome anymore?


Since yesterday evening uk time i have not been able to view green transit aircraft on my google chrome page.
All i am seeing now is the blue local aircraft, but when i use internet explorer page i see both green transit and blue local aircraft ok. Does anybody have any suggestions regarding how i can get back to viewing both local and transit aircraft in my google chrome page?


On the right side of the map there’s a control (looks like (+) in white/orange) that lets you show/hide inbound/outbound (light blue) or vicinity (green) aircraft.


I have this vicinity boxed ticked but still no green aircraft showing on google chrome broucher? Works ok on internet explorer but not on chrome anymore?


Green vicinity flights are working for me in Chrome 16.

What airport are you looking at?
Can you post the contents of flightaware.com/fix (minus the session id)?


Hi mduell,
Many thanks for your replys
When you mentioned chrome 16 that got me thinking, because the chrome i had installed was from file hippo website and was beta version 17.0.963.6 beta. I uninstalled this version and installed chrome version 16 and now i am seeing green vicinity flights ok.
Up until yesterday evening i had been viewing green vicinity flights on the beta chrome that i had installed. So not sure what happened to change that.
But anyway i am just happy i can see the vicinity flights again.
Thanks for your kind help mduell.