Why No Order For The Boeing 737 MAX 7?

I have noticed that most airlines are placing orders for either the Boeing 737 MAX 8, or MAX 9. But I haven’t heard any order for the 737 MAX 7.

Why haven’t any airlines ordered the MAX 7? It would range further than the MAX 8 and 9, but seats less. Which airline would most likely order the MAX 7?

I looked at the Boeing website to find this information. I couldn’t tell how many Max 7, 8, or 9 were ordered because they were all lumped under the generic 737MAX name.

I did find an interesting flight tracker that shows all active Boeing aircraft (737 to 787) flying: newairplane.com/flighttracker/

Since the 737 8 Max will be able to comfortably fly West Coast-Hawaii and US Transcons as well as pretty much any route within Europe or Asia, there’s not much need for the extra range of the Max 7. The only routes it might be useful for is routes between secondary markets in southeast Asia and Australia or perhaps Europe-Central Africa or very thin transatlantic flights. None of those are very big markets for aircraft.