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Why Didn't Turkish Airlines Order the Boeing 787?

I was wondering why Turkish Airlines never decided to order the Boeing 787-8 or -9. I know some airlines in the world didn’t order them, but I’m wondering about Turkish Airlines. Yes, I know they recently ordered 15 more Airbus A330-300s and Boeing 777-300ERs, which is a good move considering their network is beginning to expand. But if they ordered the Boeing 787, these would be the pros and cons:


  1. Ranges farther than the A333 by 3,160-3660 km, and B77W by 510-1010 km.
  2. More fuel efficient obviously.
  3. Can be deployed on short, medium and long laul routes at a much lower cost.


  1. Seats less than both the A333 and B77W.
  2. The number of delays it had before entering service.

I know I am asking stupid questions, but why didn’t Turkish Airlines order the Boeing 787? Do they see no need for them? Was it because of the delays it had before entering service? And if they were to order them, would they either order the Boeing 787-8, -9, or even the -10?

What do you guys think?

Turkish doesn’t really need the range - Their existing aircraft can reach anywhere in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa from IST with ease.

The seat difference between the 787 and their existing aircraft is pretty big and the IST transit hub really only works by flowing a lot of seats through. They might consider the -10 now that it is being offered.

Also, Turkish’s existing aircraft are all fairly new, meaning they’re likely locked into them for a long time still, at that time they can then consider the 787 or other aircraft that are on the market.