egypt air 738


when the 12 737-800 of egypt air ll be delivered … and what destinations will they be used ? :question:


According to the Boeing web page, only 6, not 12, 737-800’s were ordered by Egyptair.

According to the Egyptair web page, 6 737-800’s are on order. But then on another page, they say they have ordered a dozen 737-800’s.

This means one of three things:

  1. Egyptair, as is customary in the Mid-East, is speaking out of both sides of its collective mouth.

  2. Boeing is fibbing about selling only 6 aircraft to Egyptair, although why they would is anybody’s guess.

  3. Egyptair is only buying six aircraft and leasing the other six, even though they state plain as day they are buying all twelve.

  1. Or possibly they have firm orders for 6 and options for 6 more.


A little more research shows this to be true. The order was for 6 firm and 6 options. However, I didn’t find anything to indicate the options were actually taken up.


thx guys for ur help… :laughing:
Regards … Rafik