Other Airlines That Could Operate the Boeing 737MAX?


As of Southwest Airlines being the launch customer, what other airlines (that also operate 737s) would do great operating the 737MAX? The following, in my opinion, lists the airlines that would operate the 737MAX in the near future…

United Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Japan Airlines
China Airlines
Air China
China Southern
Kenya Airways
Korean Air

What airlines do you think would operate the 737MAX?


In July, American ordered and committed to 200 B737 aircraft with options for 100 more.
Many of these will be NG but you would think the later deliveries will be for the MAX.

Also think Delta will end up with quite a few.


Pretty much any airline that operates narrowbody aircraft with between 130 and 190 seats can use them.

Whether they order them or not and in what numbers will depend on whether they are able to offer “game changing” improved economics with the MAX compared to the 737-NG and current Gen A320 family.


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