Why D-ACGD out CYMX IFR not showing?


Air Cargo Germany 747 D-ACGD on an IFR flight to Mexico City out of Montreal Mirabel CYMX is not showing on Flight Aware. It was an IFR flight that left 30 minutes ago. I’ve got it on the tower and also got his ADS-B after takeoff for a few minutes.

I see no record for D-ACGD on FlightAware. Any reason?

CYMX Mirabel Radio FSS called it Load Master 3207.


It would be listed under its call sign ACX3207.

That said, it is probably not showing up because foreign carriers need to opt in to be shown on FlightAware.


Air carriers operate under their callsigns, with some coverage for tail numbers for carriers that choose to integrate with us. Foreign carriers are excluded from the US/Canada feed by default, so unless the carrier opts in we won’t have tracking for them.