DAL20 departure from CYYT



Delta Flt. 20 is now showing up as a departure from St. John’s CYYT to Frankfurt EDDF tonight. However, the plane is only schduled to arrive later tomorrow morning from Atlanta.


It also appears on the schduled departures list as well.

Is this a glitch, or is this attributed to the fact that " This airport ( CYYT )is outside of FlightAware’s service area and will only show data on flights to/from FlightAware’s service area and be generally unreliable. "?


Appears to be a glitch on the FAA’s side related to the 24-hour in advance flight plans for airline flights. In other words, the FAA is assuming the flight that took place yesterday (which appears to be a diversion) will occur again today. Once that flight plan expires, it probably won’t show up again the next day.


Thanks mduell ! :smiley:


This post is from another thread, but I thought maybe it was more applicable here. Is this the same glitch / bug again??


**Newark777 wrote: **
"This flight supposedly took off early this morning when the airport was still closed. Don’t know what that’s all about.

As for the reopening, FDX3623 was the first to depart and MXA5858 was the first to arrive." *

I noticed the early flight, LYM1725, and thought it strange as well.
I saw something similar last night, though not related to Denver, it may be part of the same bug / glitch.

ACA652 flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA6 … /CYUL/CYDF from CYUL ( Montreal) to CYDF (Deer Lake NL ) was on the departure list for CYUL last night as an actual on time departure, there was a progress report of flight time and time left, but the track log only showed “enroute”. Even when the flight was only 10 minutes out from CYDF, there was no sign of the aircraft, both on Flightaware and out my window as the flight overflys us here. A quick look at Air Canada’s web site showed that the flight was actually delayed, and was in fact not in flight, even though there was a departure report from CYUL and “enroute” status. I was waiting for a rush order of parts and was really sweating out the delays.

edit… just checked out AirCanada web site, this flight was canceled.

dbaker or **mduell **may be able to clarify this, but it could just be the FAA / NAV Canada computers assuming if a flight left yesterday, it is going to leave today as well situation?

This is the thread about a similar situation.

Question, if it is the same glitch, why only certain flights and not every flight that is delayed / diverted ?