Which is the best airline to fly to Cairbbean?


Jet Blue
Air Jamaica


Sounds like a personal choice,

JetBlue, solid new guy on the block, nice new airplanes, money in the bank.

American, flown American many times, no problems,
Continental, so many different ownerships, turnover,
Air Jamaica, as number 4, I wouldn’t be flying them,
BWIA, always stood for But Will It Arrive, so they changed their name.




I’ve always liked KLM to Aruba, connecting through their hub in Amsterdam.

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u really left out a lot of airlines like Usairways/Delta and spirit and others


you will fly whomever has the cheapest fare - so why bother asking?


Where is the Cairbbean located? Is it near the Caribbean?


Yaw Mawn… :laughing:


God knows Dami has never posted a typo in this forum… :mrgreen:


Say wat? I’ve had typoos in my postnigs?


Sorry that will never happen. I only fly Caribbean Airlines


I’d avoid American, though they seem to be a pretty popular carrier down there (AA and American Eagle).

I know its not limited to American, but it seems flying American is more trouble than its worth. We’ve been to the Caribbean (via SJU) 3 times in the past 3 years and Costa Rica (via AA) this year as well and have not been impressed with AA’s service in the least. My wife was INSULTED by the flight inattendant for not finishing her coffee!

Its taken a decades to stop calling flight attendants “stewardesses” but the way AA is going, its time to drop the “attendants” from the moniker as well. The last thing those crewmen want to do is attend to you. But, that is the result of clicking on the cheapest flight that comes up with travelocity.com, etc. You get what you pay for.

On a side note, Alaska’s marketing folks are genius. On the SEA->LAX leg or our trip three weeks ago to Antigua, the cabin filled with the amazing aroma of fresh-baked cookies. No one could resist, and if they had wanted to charge $2 a cookie instead of making them for free ,they’d have made $2*number of seats on that flight. (The flight attendant told us that they really weren’t fresh baked, but the smell was just too much to pass up)

But then again if you do find an alternate, is it worth the $50-200 per ticket to avoid the hassle of a flight like that? (For a family of 5 that could be almost $1000!) I suspect the airlines figure you won’t.