Help me, please! My family and I (4 people total) want to fly to Iceland from BNA departing on July 14th and returning on the 23rd. Please help me find the cheapest fare!


It’s all a matter of research. By the time I find you a cheap flight and send the information to you, the fare can change.

That said, try Expedia, Travelocity, and other travel sites. When you find the lowest airfare, immediately go to the airline’s website and purchase the ticket there in order to save the booking fee that most of the travel sites charge.

Please be more specific in your subject headings. “Help” doesn’t tell people anything.



**So far what ive found is on the 14th, SW flight 333 departs at 12:35CDT and lands at 3:40EDT and a Icelandair flight that leaves at 8:45EDT and lands in Iceland at 6:25am The next day. OK, Thats great but, flying back, There is only 1 flight to BWI daily nad it departs KEF at 4:40pm and lands in BWI at 6:50edt, THE LAST SW FLIGHT BACK TO BNA DEPARTS FROM BWI AT 7:50PM!! DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS Enough time in BWI for us to go through security and check back in? Please Help me! :blush: **


I wouldn’t risk a 1 hour connection when I have to carry my bags through customs and then check in at another airline.

If the savings are enough, why not stay in a hotel for the night and leave the next day.