Anyone Leaving

Is there anyone leaving for the holidays if so when, where to and from, what airlines??? To bad for me i’m not. Happy Holidays to the people who won’t be here!!!

Sister out of SNA on Tuesday sometime, parental units out of BFL sometime Wed, all bound for TUL.

Me personally, for the first time in 4 years I can tell you that I am NOT leaving my bed at 3AM to be at work to fight with annoying, moronic, common sense lacking, customers at 5AM on Friday (AKA, Black Friday)…

HEY WATHC IT my parents shop on that day. <— They can be moronic sometimes. Question Dallas fan at all???

Any particular holiday? Christmas? Thanksgiving? New Year’s Day?

One phrase I hate this time of year is “happy holidays.” It’s Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, etc., but not “happy holidays.” If someone’s offended by me saying the name of a specific holiday then he (or she - need to be *slightly *politically correct) can take a long walk on a short pier.

Now, off my almighty soapbox, my girlfriend and I are winging our way to the Southland for Christmas on Southwest.

I agree. To my Jewish friends, I will happily say Happy Hanukkah(sp?), even though I’m Christian, and many of them say Merry Christmas as well. When people who are Christian and know I am and still say Happy Holidays, it’s just ridiculous.

Sorry for the rant. :wink:

I see the Grinch is out early this year. Just playing I will say Happy Thanksgiving to the people because it is Thanksgiving. Your a mean one Mr Grinch. sorry had to let it out. :laughing:

The Grinch was a weakling! He goes through all of the trouble of taking the gifts, trees, etc., and then, just as he’s about to get rid of them all, he lets some little girl enlarge his heart! :cry:

HAHA your sick you know that.

A Happy Festivus to all!

Uh, that’s you**'**re.

And, thank you for recognizing my talent!

Merry Frickin Winter


Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas

Happy Festivas to the rest of us.

That reminds me, almost time to get the aluminum pole out of storage.

Will be enroute from Mike Bravo Oscar to Echo Kilo Yankee.

Departure time will be 12:30 Zulu time (give or take) and 1 1/2 houre enroute at a comfortable cruising altitude of 7000 feet. :smiley:

“Airliner” will be Beech Sundowner one niner four three Lima

58 gallons of fuel on board, 3 souls on board.

After eating the bird, we depart Echo Kilo Yankee fly to Mike Papa Echo, stay the night

Return to Mike Brovo Oscar on Black Friday.


lieberma Sounds like fun but your going to miss the Dallas and Bucs game. Go DALLAS

I will take to the airways anytime over then something I can set my VCR to record :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


But theres nothing like stuffing yourself full of turkey and then watch a football game. well there is one thing and your going to do that thing.

Yeppers! Hardest part will be the weight and balances afterwards.

Just may have to toss my sister on the tail feathers to get the nose off the ground as this will be her first GA flight.

:smiley: I am sure she will really be thankful after that! :smiley:


Better make sure that she doesn’t eat to much and then have it be a bumpy flight :laughing: :wink:

Guess part of my passenger briefing will be “sick sack can be found in the seat pocket in front of you”.

Unless I decide to give her controls if she sits up front, well… better have one in the door pocket too I guess :slight_smile: