Merry Christmas to all....

and to all a Merry Christmas

Figure to post this a few days early so this post catches more of our flight members as our priorities shift from the Flight Aware forums to the festivities of the upcoming holidays.

May your travels whether it be by airways or driveways be safe.


wait, it’s happy winter solstice first, lol.
My best wishes to everybody as well.

John in Saudi

I’d like to add well wishes too. Merry Christmas (and a happy New Year if I don’t see you guys) to all of the FA community!

From Josh here in Charleston, SC

here is to all you lazy fools that get to spend Christmas with the family and not out humping (don’t make that sound dirty) sick people all over the country… Have a Merry Christmas and give me a shout if you need a ride to the hospital…

Sorry if I sound grumpy but I’ve been in the air more then on the ground the last few days…

I’ve got 10 family members down here visiting me and the girl. They’ve been here since Friday, leave out on Wednesday and then Thursday we’ll head up to Greenville, SC to spend 4-5 days with her family. I’d give anything to be in the air with a comatosed patient (or, better yet, to actually be a comatosed patient)…

Merry Christmas to everyone here and to the FA Staff.

And Fly…my heart goes out to ya buddy. Its what you do that makes you cool. No one appreciates it until they or a loved one is in a gurney. Merry Christmas. :slight_smile:

Fully understood but I am being devils advocate, in today’s economy, I am sure people would love to trade positions especially when it comes to being paid to fly. :wink:

And don’t forget, the people you are serving most certainly don’t want to be in your bird either! I would think they would be even more understandably grumpier to have to spend holiday times in a gourney.

Merry Christmas to all you crazy FA members and to the staff as well. They have been good little boys and girls with all the site upgrades/improvemnets this year. Thank you Mark, Dan, and all the FA staff for a great 2009.

Here is to enduring a tough 2009 (I’m a builder in Florida), and looking forward to a better 2010. Health and happiness to all.

Jason, bless you for the service you provide. You’re surely making your pax and their families very happy. I thought about you when I read about Bill Johnson coming home. Sorry you’re grumpy about it right now. Maybe you can focus on how you’re helping someone else in that position, and think ahead to some days off with your fiance a little later. I hope you get to chase a particularly beautiful sunset at FL400 on Christmas.

Had yesterday off and got some sleep. I’m not grumpy anymore. Well I wasn’t till I found out the gym that I use is closed till sunday (it’s a collage gym)

But thanks for all your support!

on that note- MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!


Even to you Jason… :laughing:

Seriously, if you find you way out here with any time on your hands it’s egg nog time…the spiked kind if it’s a RON. :wink:


And in the spirit of the holidays, that offer is extended to all of the FA forum regulars… :smiley:

Merry Christmas to all, & to John in the Desert; I’ll have a big Christmas Ham for you.

Most important: Merry Christmas to all the Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines, NG and ANG men and women who could not be home for Christmas (and the ones that are home)… But there is one more thing more important than that. Remember the true meaning of Christmas!

I’ll just quote you - couldn’t have said it better. Merry Christmas everyone!


Thank ya.

Merry Christmas Everyone!! :smiley: :smiley:

Merry Christmas everyone.

Turn up the volume.

Why turn up the volume to a Christmas song? :unamused::laughing: :laughing:

Merry New Year!

Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. One of my favorites…

Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2010 to everyone