Merry Christmas to all and to all a Merry Christmas


Safe travels wherever you track to or track the special ones in your life.

My sincere thanks to all who make these forums the way they are whether it be staff, contributer or lurker.

Merry Christmas


Thanks Allen, and the same to you and your family.

John in Saudi


Happy solstice !


Merry Christmas to you and everyone on the forum!


Happy Festivus!

Now where’s my pole?


Merry Christmas everybody!


Happy Chrismuka… :laughing:


May everyone on FlightAware have a safe and happy holiday season.


Don’t anybody get too drunk tonight.



& happy drinking to the rest of ya.


What about us drinking Christians?!?


And how about us non-drinking atheists???


Last night my uncle was walking around with a glass of wine in one hand and a beer in the other.

Merry Christmas everybody! (I got a scanner!!!)


Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the Son of God.
Protestants don’t recognize the pope as the Ruler of the Church.
Baptists don’t recognize each other in a liquor store.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m stuffed. :smiley:
The only football we get on TV here is the kind played with a round ball. :angry:

John in Saudi


That was implied in the "MERRY Christmas to my Christian Friends"
It wasn’t merry Christmas to the tea sippers only.

hmm… for those that don’t believe in any God(s) or alcohol… :imp: I’d say your F#$%'d!! No help or hope for you so you may as well be merry and enjoy also!! :smiling_imp:


Merry Christmas all- Made it back from Cochabamba Bolivia. Most dangerous airport I’ve ever landed at, or taken off from. Makes Eagle look pu*sy.
Not to Embellish too much but landed in a TS, 5 min after landing lighting hit the field and knocked out all the light.
:open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Nice. So they only have one light?


The sunlight. . .