Christmas 2008 Greetings . . .


Merry Christmas from robbreid, Toronto, Canada

Animal Christmas Song

E-Christmas Card


Merry Christmas to you and everyone else on ramps, counters,cockpit and cabins around the world!!! May your flights always go out on time and safe in '09!!! :smiley:



I think Santa needs more flight time to avoid these embarrassing moments. :blush:

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Have a safe and Happy Holiday!!


Looks like a classic case of not seeing and avoiding to me. This accident could’ve been avoided if Santa used a transponder, and if he’d been using flight following. TCAS would’ve gone a long way in preventing it as well. Git wit the times, Mr. Claus!


Merry Christmas from San Dimas, California


And Merry Christmas from BFL!!! :smiley:


Well, thanks Satine!! How are you? I would love to visit with you off line. If you would like. :smiley:


Thanks for degrading the “Christmas Greetings” Thread

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Hey Deef,

That wasn’t her intention at all, 'twas not a predatory request. “No harm no foul” of the thread has occurred. She just wanted to chat. It’s cool. 8) Happy Holidays Everyone. Take Care and Be Well. Peace Out! :slight_smile:


Oppppps, my bad :blush: my mind is in the gutter.

  1. You’re cool Deef, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dude!