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What is your next flight or flights



June 20th-27th BTV-DCA on USAIR ERJ 170, DCA-BNA USAIR CRJ-200, BNA-DCA USAIR CRJ200, DCA-BTV USAIR ERJ 170. Never flown with USAIR or on an ERJ 170.


KMBO to KMPE which will amount to a whole 20 minute flight :laughing:


Hey flying is flying know matter how long it takes to get from point
A to point B. I fly once every year and that has been going on for almost 2 years now haha.


Flying out to SLC and back this July.


Church related?




Nope, driving up to Glacier National Park and points in between related.

One happy Catholic here, and not looking to change. :wink:


That is one heck of a drive from SLC, ~700 miles! Renting a motorhome for the trip?

Be sure to take your fishing rod.

Well, one long term lapsed Catholic here, you can blame my faults on my Jesuit education and upbringing.




Actually, just renting a big car for the whole family. Last spring, we drove from Salt Lake to Cheyenne in one day, about 500 miles. Quite a journey. :slight_smile:


Just a couple weeks away…KDAY-KORD-KMIA-MSLP-MNMG on American and TACA. Return trip will be MNMG-MSLP-KMIA-KDFW-KDAY. Some nice long travel days there - nice selection of aircraft for the trip - Embraer 145, B757, A320, B777, MD80.


Sounds… ummmmm… cozy.

Longest trip I can recall making in a car as a family unit was San Francisco to Yosemite, and that included my wife, two daughters, son and MIL. Only about a 5 hour trip, but we were forced to make an overnight stop en route due to logistics and sanity.

I’m afraid we are all too… errrrr… energetic to remain cooped up for that long without mayhem ensuing.

My wife and I did take my son along on a trip from home to Montreal about ten years ago or so, only about 8 hours of driving spread over two days. I’m not sure he’s forgiven me yet!

When the choice is available, we’ll fly rather than drive more than about 5 or 6 hours. Or, I’ll often insist on taking two cars. The kids would unfailingly vote unanimously to travel with me.




9/2/06 - IAD > ATL > LAX > SJC
9/3/06 - SJC > ATL > CVG > IAD
Cashing-in nearly worthless Delta Skymiles for a trip on a holiday weekend, hoping to voluntarily get bumped for more valuable compensation :wink:

If lucky, I can come away with two (or more?) round-trip vouchers :bulb:


That’s A LOT of points in between, not only in miles, but scenery. I’m sure you already know to take lots of film/disks with you. Wyoming is like one giant postcard of a state. Total beauty from one end to the other, yet so different as well. Yellowstone’s backcountry is probably the prettiest place I’ve ever been. Anyone who hasn’t been there: Go AT LEAST ONCE in your lifetime. You won’t be disappointed. Montana’s in the same boat.
Enjoy Glacier!!


Yes it is, too bad they probably won’t touch any part of it on the trip.

UT - ID - MT and they’re there.


Yeah, my family and I will drive usually is up to 4 hours away. The furthest we have driven was to the Ourter Banks of NC from BNA. If we don’t drive we usually fly Southwest b/c of the “hub” they have here, or we’ll fly DL like to BOS,JFK,CVG,ATL,MCO,SLC. On occasion, we have flown USAirways, but not frequently.


Wow people really fly a lot. We don’t have the $$$ to fly like that. The longest we have drove was from BTV-CLE 11hours plus a garbage truck flipped on the highway from Albany-Buffalo 1hour wait and the smell went on for miles. But once i get back from BNA this year, the next day my Dad and I are driving from BTV-GRB to see my sister for 4 days then we drive back with her and her roommate. So thats a 2 day trip there and 2 days back with a full truck on the way back. But I map out the areas that we will drive to and mark every airport that we pass to see if I get a look on the way by, and I like to pissoff my dad by putting in music like Finch or Taking Back Sunday. It will be fun though.


I’ve driven NE Ohio to Florida on many occasions, but with gas prices so high, it’s actually cheaper to fly if you have less than 4 people. I have a wife and 3 kids, and we are planning a trip (possible cruise) in Sept. or Oct. We’re looking at buying some $59 each way CLE-MCO tickets for all 5 of us. It would be about the same by the time we paid for gas, a hotel room, and meals along the way (I’ve driven it straight through, but not w/ three brats, er, kids in the vehicle.).

We’ve driven Daytona to Medina, OH (20 mi. S of CLE, where I live) in 14 hours (in a motorhome, nonetheless!), but that was with 4 guys and a fridge full of food and beer (for those not driving, of course). You could say that we sped a little.


No, no! You simply maintained an average hourly speed in keeping with the posted limits. :wink:

I well remember making 18 hour runs from NYC to FL in my yout’. And that was in the days before I95 existed in its present form.


LOL. Yeah, 40mph across those icy mountains of western VA (it’s foggy and/or icy every time), then 90 to make up for it…

…But officer, I’m only AVERAGING 65!! Don’t you have calculators in this state?!


My uncle had a 1969 camaro SS that he drove from BTV-PHX he mad it ther in like a day. He said he was going ~120mph the whole way. That must be fun. My Camaro goes 145mph but i never go that fast :wink: (only once)