PAWS Weather?

It’s stuck on Jan 6. Is this a problem with FA, or the airport?

Are you going to see Sarah?

I wish! Whooooooweee!!!

My group has a fly-in at PAWS in July. S#it load of flying to get there from the lower 48.

The trip from Seattle to Ketchikan to Juneau to Wrangell to Sitka and northwest to Anchorage is not a fun flight in a single engiene aircraft. Lots of water and trees and mountains and no place for a forced landing.
I’d suggest some floats on that Viking…

Like this?

Frank Holbert

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Those who live up there say the coast is the best way to go with beaches most of the way in case an off airport landing is needed.

Still stuck on 06-Jan.

there really are no beaches between Seattle and Sitka. As you head farther north when the tide is out you might find some place to land with LESS rocks then the rest…Might want to buy a tidal chart for the flight…

here is what low tide lookes like in most of SE Alaska

Frank- Did you get an Ereader? if so can you tell us about it?

My tip is based on it being cloudy or dark or both the one time I flew to Anchorage. But once upon a time I did drive up the middle of BC as far as Dawson Creek before turning east. I have flown to Edmonton and Calgary several times, good stops.
I’d rather fly inland in a single. You’re going to see lots and lots of fog on the coast. More than Corona. Think of Eureka only worse.
Don’t carry a handgun or shotgun into Canada.
And you’ve never lived until you’ve had Moosehead. :open_mouth:
You will fit right in at the Lake Hood seaplane base if you get to Anchorage.
Unless you are back on wheels by then…

I’m waiting for a report on the e-reader you had in your last video too.

John in Saudi eh

John, the floats on Frank’s beloved Viking are courtesy of Photoshop, not EDO or Wipaire eh.

No dude- Frank has that sh*t on floats.

The e-reader (kindle) works fine in the plane. I got the matching knee board for it too.

That’s what I thought…

When did photoshop get into the float business?

Kind of a strange step from software to hardware if you ask me.

John in Saudi

That’s Adobe’s metal-fabricating sister company. Their name? Phloto-shop, of course…



ADDS doesn’t have a METAR for PAWS/IYS either, I wonder what happened.

I’m guessing the AWOS is down, but the thing I found also said no NOTAMS, SIGMETS, Forcast etc available. All with the same date/time stamp as the last weather report.

Frank: Here is a note for you:


John in Saudi