Where was I???

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.comhttp://photos.vox.flightaware.com/photos/retriever/104a162d2232a893c792f44e512e6c31d561a1d4

On final to where??

I’ll show some ground pictures a bit later on.

Med-evac mission.


Linky no worky.

The link doesn’t work but after some copy and pasting…

Cassidy International, Christmas Island

Odd. The link takes me to a picture of the funky looking 727 (VOODOO1).

That is where I came up with LAX 25L

flightaware.com/photos/view_photo.rvt with no arguments takes you to the last photo you uploaded, I think.

photos.vox.flightaware.com/photo … 31d561a1d4 is the intended photo.

Yep- that is the correct picture.

It was PLCH- Cassidy International on Christmas Island. Was there on Monday. Wow- crazy place. Very third-world.

Let me upload s’more pics…

(How do I directly link to pics in my gallery?)

John in Saudi

That’s my photo of an SNJ-5… How did ya get that mixed up with the other picture…???