Where is Everyone From?


Just wondering where all of you guys/girls are from and age? Sorry if there is a thread that already includes this subject.

I live in South Carolina and i’m 23.


Good thread :slight_smile:

A transplant from various parts of the country and I landed in Madison / Brandon Mississippi area in the year 2000.

48 next week.


Why don’t you update your profile to indicate where you are living?

By the way, there is a big difference between where you are from and where you are living. Lots of people move between the time they are born and today.

I’ve found that I can quite often get the approximate age by the way a person posts. I saw the title of this topic and figured the person must be in his twenties or teens. I was right. I have also seen postings where it’s full of “Internet” abbreviations and spellings. I was right when I found out the people who did this were in their teens.

Look under my name to see where I live.


For the love of Pete dami, are you freaking kidding me? Please, just stop posting for a day.

Anywho, Tulsa, OK via Cowtown, I mean, Bakersfield, CA. I’m 31, like long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and gettng caught in the rain. (oh yes, I went there!)




We kewl, we kewl, as long as you don’t think 50 ways to leave your lover is the national anthem :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Just messin with ya of course!

I also like a walk on the wild side. 8)

Some of my other interests besides aviation is weather, boating, skiing, travelling (headed to sin city today YEAH!) love using / working anything that requires a battery or a wall outlet, home interior work. Music, well 70’s 80’s fits my bill, but will listen to a wide range without any problems.


36, Live in NOVA…about 36 mi. west of D.C. as the crow flies, I lived in TPA for 4 years and came back…dumb bunny I am.

Spare time, I have little, I have 3 girls…8,6, almost 4 mo.

I like to travel, LOVE to play poker…Just have fun!!! :wink:


If you add snuggling up in front of a fire on a foggy day then you’re my man! :smiley:


Lets see; born and raised in E. Aurora, NY (home of Fisher Price Toys) about 30 ESE of Buffalo.

Moved to Delaware, OH (30 N of Columbus) in 1998 to fly for AirNet.

Free time…5 kids…10, 8, 7, 3, 20mos. so not lots of free time, but we do live on several acres in an old farm, so there’s always something to do…


My SO is from ROC…


Wow, this is becoming Flyspace.



What are you wearing? :smiling_imp:



Him? Maybe a Cougar speedo? :laughing:

Me: Born in the homeland of Lycoming & Little League Baseball (KIPT). Lived in a few places around the country (KGPI, KCID). Currently 37 & living in the expensive paradise known as SoCal. (KSAN/KSEE) Refer to my avatar for my most preferred music.


Turks and Caicos Is.


A banana hammock?? Ewwwwwwww!!! http://www.comicguide.net/images/smilies/wow2.gif

Lovely! One of my “extra” daughters just honeymooned there at the Royal West Indies Resort.


I live in Collins, MS which is the “Tourism Capital of MS”. I am 31 and tobacco pays my bills. I cut my teeth here in this great little town, and I am still hanging around. Anything outdoors works for me!!



Well I was curious if anyone lived near anyone else. We could create local Avaition support groups(an excuse to get away)! So far, we all seem pretty spread out. Of course from the way this is looking, it’s turning into Eflightharmony.

I had an idea that I wasn’t sure if it would work or not from the car club online that I was in. It was broken up into regions and areas of the US and they had meetings and such for their own area. I thought that would maybe be a neat idea if there was enough people but so far it’s not looking so well!

Atleast we know now if leardvr doesn’t answer for awhile, he’s probably making more kids!

And Damiross, I saw your reply and judging from your response, I figured that you’re an older, grouchy gentleman that doesn’t like people walking on your lawn and judging from your post number, you don’t really have anything else to do…


He really did just say that… :open_mouth:


“Down goes Frazier…”


Oh, no! You found me out.

Except, I don’t have a lawn.

Except, I’m not really grouchy - I just don’t think this forum should turn into a Facebook or My Space or any number of other social forums.

And the reason I have so many postings is because I have been here a while.