East Coast - West Coast

Interested in discussing with anyone who has done any planning for a east coast - west coast trip. If you have completed the trip, any information you can offer as to how you began your preflight planning would be greatly appreciated. To clarify, planning is being conducted currently in my Arrow.

Err… That’s kind of vague. Are you flying a J4 or a G4?

Suppose it was a bit vague, I can edit that. Early indications and planning are being based off my Arrow, up for debate if you’re lending your SR22.

Start off by signing up for www.fltplan.com (sorry flightwaware)


And sorry, I don’t have a Cirrus. :smiley:

I’m quite competent with fltplan.com. I fly the Excel professionally, but, want to discuss with others who have either completed the trip or interested in making the trip.

My buddy just flew a Huey from KMSV to KPHX. If you ask some questions that i can pass along I’d be happy to.

What are you looking for? Recommendations for FBO’s, side trips etc?

I’ve done it a few times from New England to San Fran and back in a Duchess. :confused:

Most certainly interested in FBO’s, out of the way routes that you chose to take…and why? Guess translation doesn’t come across very well. Drive yourselves to the hangar right now and ask the same question, we’d be there all night shooting the bull.

Got my multi in the Duchess in WRN NY, loved every minute of it. Wish I could afford to do this trip in one, but, the Arrow and I get along very well.

Also it’s help knowing what part of the east coast and what part of the west coast

PIT - AVX (Catalina Island)

The last time I did that trip was 15+ yrs ago as a Private Pilot VFR to visit family in CA and it was by far one of the best trips I’ve ever done. I’ll have to go dig out my log book to see where I stopped. :smiley:

Does N2013Q ring a bell by any chance? I sold my share to a charter company in NY 10 years ago. :question:

Duchess I flew was 6627X out of KDKK. You did Portsmouth to CA, VFR? I would love for you to expound on that if you can blow the cobwebs off some of those memories! It just seems like the right time to start planning a trip of that magnitude and complete it!

I know the question was asked before, but it bears asking again. IFR or VFR.

I would be planning completely different routes based on whether I will be IFR or VFR particularly over the Rockies.

Obviously IFR you won’t see that much of the country if you are in the clag :wink:

You don’t say when you are planning the trip, but if it’s IFR, I’d be looking real close at MEA’s freezing level over the mountains, yada yada yada.

You don’t say if you have time or if you want the most expedient route. If you have time, VFR probably would be the way to go as you may be more prone to go off the beaten path.

No matter what flight category (IFR/VFR) I wouldn’t do this trip without at least some training on mountain flying.

Turbo or non-turbo?
What time of the year?

Non-turbo. Arpil 2010.

I’ve done coast to coast in my Bellanca Super Viking.

Well, actually KBVY to KWLW, but yes VFR the whole way once, IFR the others. It took me a good week to fly it VFR but I wasn’t in a rush, and that’s what made it fun… which would be my first suggestion to you! Pick a fun route! I’ll check in tomorrow with some details, PM me if you want. Good Night Guys.

That would be a really good time to go. I’ve never been into the NE states flying GA so I’ll pick this up at the Continental Divide.

I’d stay VFR west of Kansas to stay out of the ice. I’ve iced up over New Mexico when it was bumping 100* on the surface. WITHOUT a turbo.

Where to cross the Rockies is always a big question. With your routing I’d go a little south and cross at Albuquerque to avoid the really high terrian. Then direct St Johns AZ. Buy fuel at St Johns they are always really cheap and he’ll give you a car for town too. Center can see you at 12,500 and this would be a good area to get flight following in case you need to put down.

After St Johns you’ll over fly Havasu and though the Banning Pass near Palm Springs. Stop at Corona for cheap fuel, 50.2 miles from Catalina’s Airport in the Sky as there is no AvGas on Catalina Island.

Cross the channel just north of John Wayne airport at 6,500 to stay below the LAX class B direct to Avalon. The crossing there is pretty short. There is a lot of commercial traffic between the coast and Avalon so I’d be talking to SoCal.

Play your A game landing at Catalina. It’s not that hard but pilots really get screwed up. A lot of crashes there are fatal. Video on this page.

Can I assume you are used to departing when DA is over 10,000? If not I’d like to talk about that.

Okay…am I the only one that see’s an elephant in the room?

So you’re a “pro” flying an Excel right Ben?.. But yet you’re asking for advice “here” about flying a single across country? :confused: