Where do I find graphics?

Even though I’ve maintained my site since 2017 I have never really investigated or tried using graphs I frequently see here in the community. Where do I find them and how do I install them? Example: graphs for dump1090-fa.

These graphs are developed by a user of Flightaware, not an official product from FA.

You can find details and install instructions here for a Raspberry Pi:

I get an error saying the following:

-bash: /usr/bin/sudo: Argument list too long

what command did you use? I did it more than 20 times with this official install and never had any issues.

Simply copy&paste it while you are connected to your raspberry (this is one line, not two)

sudo bash -c "$(curl -L -o - https://github.com/wiedehopf/graphs1090/raw/master/install.sh)"

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It worked. After looking at your line I realized that I had a typo in mine. was: …/graphs190/… s/b …graphs1090/…


We don’t type it by hand, rather copy/paste.
Remote connect via SSh into the Pi (with something like PuTTY) and then you have two windows that you can copy/paste between - one is the browser with Github page and another with the terminal into the Pi.

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Do these graphs also work on a Pi set up for UAT 978mhz?

Yes, They support UAT 978Mhz

Thanks. I installed it and it appears to work well. I also turned off the 1090 graphs to show only the 978 graphs.

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