where are flight data taken from?

According to FlightAware http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AFR406/history/20120919/2120Z/LFPG/SCEL, the Sep 19 AF406 CDG-SCL arrived to Santiago on time (8:01). I was on this flight which was diverted to Cordoba (Argentina) due to the lack of fuel. It continued to SCL after refueling and finally arrived there about 11:30am local time, 3h30m late.

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Goes to show you how unreliable FA data is. Between that and the FAA having restored the ability of aircraft owner to block their tail number from FA and all other snoopers out there, about the only thing FA is good for these days is entertainment :laughing:

For flights outside service areas where we have ATC (ANSP) cooperation, we rely on data feeds from the airline. In this case we didn’t receive any indication from Air France about the diversion.