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FA lost a flight


Air France flight 55, which was supposed to depart IAD for CDG on Jan 13, 2019, got delayed several hours due to the snowstorm. A few minutes before midnight, the flight suddenly disappeared off of FlightAware, as if it no longer existed. There was an error message about an issue with the flight/date pair, but that message was short-lived.

15 minutes later the flight came back, now en route. It departed on the originally-scheduled date.

I started this post to ask, “How can I track this flight”, but it is now a report of a strange bug. Has this (mis)behavior been noticed before?


This can happen if e.g. we get an erroneous cancellation message from one of our upstream data sources, or if there’s no sign of a scheduled flight actually departing for several hours so we assume it’s cancelled. When we later get data that says it’s actually in the air, just very delayed, we resurrect the flight.


This must be a case of the latter. The plane was supposed to depart at 6:30. It finally left the gate at 9:15 and was “taxiing for takeoff” (read: waiting for de-icing) for over 2 hours and 30 minutes when it disappeared. I was wondering what the record was for amount of time in “taxiing” status - I guess this flight tied the upper limit!



Jet Blue 1262…Flight Aware is showing it arrived at Laguardia. Flying 7:05 PM until 9:?? PM…

My sister is on the flight and insists it is still on the ground in West Palm Beach at 9:50 PM 1/27/2019


This just occurred with HU 7955 which departed normally March 29, 2019 which stopped tracking a 10.5 hour flight at 3 hours 47 minutes over the Pacific from PVG–>KSEA. Needless to say, disconcerting when this happens on a platform which is normally very reliable.


It is never tracked across the pacific, that path across the ocean is only an estimation of where the plane is. (When the track isn’t green, that means that it is an estimated part of the track)

Only this flight somehow the estimated arrival time is wrong (way early), that’s why it is shown differently. Really nothing to worry about.

This would happen for example if FlightAware receives a wrong estimated arrival time from one of its data sources. Really not much that can be done about that.

Please don’t create multiple posts on the same problem!

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