Where is TODAY's flight?


ACA29 B763 Capital [ZBAA] Sat 12:55 PST Sun 07:37 GMT Sun 01:53 GMT
ACA29 B763 Capital [ZBAA] Fri 12:53 PST Sat 07:08 GMT Sat 01:36 GMT

The above at the two that show up when I search EVERY flight from Vancouver, but today’s ACA29 is currently in the air, having departed a little while ago, and yesterdays has landed in Beijing already. BOTH days are missing - the one landing Monday and the one that just departed which is landing Tuesday afternoon…

WHY are they missing? We in Canada, after all, also track flights, particularly when they have our family members on them, and we too expect at least some information!




Thank you for your report. Although we have made a lot of improvements, we have acknolwedged that we have problems processing international flights where we do not always get the ATC messages that trigger our logic to process departures and arrivals.

This is probably what happened with ACA29, and I have tasked one of our developers with getting to the bottom of it.


Today’s flight is missing from the boards because we never received a departure message for it. However you can see it on the map because we are receiving position updates for it.


Yeah, the feed is not what you would call super clean and perfect. As mduell noted, we are not always sent the departure messages, etc. Our current plan is to do some heuristics and synthesize a departure message when, for example, we “notice” a flight in the air after hours have gone by without a track.

As for ACA29, flights with a circumpolar route are starting out on the extreme edge of our tracking area, so there is very little we can do to provide accurate, timely data on the flight.


Are you under the impression that we have intentionally ignored Canadians? Perhaps I am reading a bit too much into this and the other threads you’ve started on this subject, but I don’t think so. You seem to be very angry at the shortcomings related to tracking non-US (and to a lesser degree non-North American) flights on this site. You also seem to be under the impression that these limitations are the result of our ignorance or callous disregard for other countries. Do you view this situation as yet another case of American provincialism? It sounds like you do.

Rest assured that there is no such bias or hidden agenda behind the erratic and unreliable tracking data you’ve witnessed while trying to track your family members’ flight progress. The data you seem to expect from us is simply not available making it impossible for us to provide it to you.

It’s impractical at this time and for the foreseeable future for us to correct this. It might not even be a practical goal in the long term. In many countries we do not have a legal right to access their flight tracking data, and in other countries even if we can obtain access we would be prohibited from publishing it on the internet.

I share your disappointment that this site is unable to provide reliable tracking data for flights taking place to and within the People’s Republic of China but I’m not sure why you would be angry at us for that fact. It is quite beyond our control.


Hi! I understand the frustration of not being able to find outgoing international flights, or incoming flights. Sometimes the planes I watch are going to south america or the caribbean and it’s catch as catch can to track them coming and going. Occasionally they show up on your radar enroute coming into the states, but nowhere in the activity logs.
Be that as it may, flightaware seems to be doing an excellent job under difficult international circumstances. If my hairdryer has a problem overseas, imagine what this staff goes through. Keep watching though, as they seem to be making site improvements and updates constantly. (How’s that for a commercial guys!)