"Delayed" flights lingering for days or weeks.


I have noticed that at EUG the departing flights section has delayed flights that have been showing for days or weeks now. Is there a bug that can be squashed there, or is it some issue with the FAA flight plan computer?


Anyone from FA with a clue care to chime in?


I noticed the same thing at LWC.

Check 536PC on 9-17 I think this flight seems to be carrying over day after day even though the plane has made numerous flights since. I also noticed it on another airport but don’t recall which one.


Apparently nobody from FA ever checks in here. Not sure why this particular area of the forum is even here… :unamused:


I’ve opened up a bug ticket (#31782) on this.


Great! The problem is still ongoing today.


I could have sworn the ghost flight 536PC 9/17/2014 was gone this morning from the LWC page but now its back! Its showing as landed on the main website but showing under scheduled on the App.