Incorrect data? re; flight enroute at this very moment!


Just to let you know… I am trying to track my husband’s flight from Buenos Aires (EZE)-Santiago de Chile (SCL)-Toronto (YYZ)-Montreal (YUL), Air Canada flight AC903 from EZE to SCL and YYZ.

His flight has departed nearly an hour or so ago from SCL, and I am trying to track his flight but the site always sends me back to the last flight tracked nearly 12 hours ago. There is no flight scheduled for today and it is inaccuratel; there is another for the 23rd and the last one was on the 21st.

Perharps there is something wrong with the site? How can I track my husband’s flight so I know his flight is either delayed or he has landed safely?

Thank-you so much for the attention you give to my request.

This is according the Air Canada website…

Flight Number: AC93
Departure Arrival
Airport: Buenos Aires (EZE) Airport: Santiago (SCL)
Date: Sun 22-Jul 2007 Date: Sun 22-Jul 2007
Scheduled Time: 16:35 Scheduled Time: 18:00
Terminal: - Terminal: I
Status: Left the gate at 16:45.
Arrived at 17:57.

Scheduled stop: Santiago (SCL)

Departure Arrival
Airport: Santiago (SCL) Airport: Toronto (YYZ)
Date: Sun 22-Jul 2007 Date: Mon 23-Jul 2007
Scheduled Time: 19:10 Scheduled Time: 06:25
Terminal: I Terminal: 1
Status: Left the gate at 19:31.
Estimated time of arrival: 06:20.


Your husbands flight will not show up on FA until an arrivial notice has been issued by NAV Canada at CYYZ.

If you know the approximate flight path of your husbands flight, you could track it on local maps. For example, if your husbands plane were to overfly the airspace around Dallas-Fort Worth KDFW, then you could see his flight if you type in KDFW in the Airport Code book on the left of the Flight Aware window, but again, until it lands at CYYZ, you will only find the previous flight on FA if you type in the flight number in the Flight/Tail book to your left.

Good luck!

Just an addition here, about two hours before arrivial, give or take an hour, you maybe able to find your plane on this local map, KRDU. Looking more closely at the historical track of this flight, it looks like it first overflies land in North Carolina. With some luck, you could find it earlier using airports in Florida along the Atlantic coast.