What'sWorst? An Mel'd Autopilot or Non-Revving on AA or AE.?


I prefer Non revving with the grannies on southwest - they’re still highend on politeness and they’re service surpasses any other airline i’ve flown in the past. Put a landshark^ on Southwest. ^ “GO JENNA”


I have to admit this made me laugh. I have a lot of luck non revving on SWA. I can only think of once that I didn’t get on a flight and they put me on the next one. No complaints if they get me there safely


I only ZED non-revved on AA once and got on - although they gave me a seat assignment with someone already sitting in it (luckily there was an empty seat the row in front) and didn’t give me a BP until they were closing the door. Also I doubt I’d get on that route these days since they’ve downgauged it so much (ORD-ATL flew an MD-80 then, now the route is all CR7).

When you’re Chicago based AE isn’t an awful option though, especially if you’re going somewhere small. They were frequently my backup going to TVC (never needed them though). Dallas-based I imagine is a nightmare getting anywhere though.


I don’t know, I’ve flown some pretty long days with the a/p inop. I would rather ride in the last row of an MD-80 than do that again.

John in Saudi