Whats your farthest plane?

What is the farthest plane you have tracked, i had one around 265 with my pi and the standard antenna sticking out the window!

Mine must be some 345 miles away, but I an judging by receiver range plot in Virtual Radar.

Furthest i got so far is 395 nm.

Regards Lino.

Wow that is far, what is your setup?

I am using FlightAware FlightFeeder with the supplied FlightAware Antenna. The only thing that is not stock is the cable. It is some 2,5m type RG213. The rest is my location, which is unobstructed by near buildings, and the fact that I have managed to get all the equipment on the roof of my apartment building.

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I am using the flightaware feeder with the supplied antenna & cable its 9 metres high also have the flightaware Pro Stick,Pro Stick Plus,GNS 5890,Kinetic
SBS-3 antennas ZMX High Gain Vertical,ZMX Beam with an ILAK Masthead
Amplifier also have a Yaesu G250 Rotator,Also have a Vertical that a friend of mine built for me and all the cables are LMR400.

Regards Lino.

Those are some impressive setups. Any pictures, i live in the country with no obstructions so i may get some of the range that you are getting. I dont have the stick antenna tho. i have a magnetic one to attach to my metal roof. If i could make my roof a antenna that would be great lol

270NM (ADS-B)

Falcon 2000 (F2TH)
FL 470
10/14/17 @ 11:50 UTC

Mobile Pi0 W at KFLL

This is my set up includes monitoring aircraft on HF & VHF.

Regards Lino.



A similar topic of discussion - https://discussions.flightaware.com/t/what-is-the-maximum-range-i-can-get/

Above link is broken (missing number 17248 at the end).
Correct Link is: https://discussions.flightaware.com/t/what-is-the-maximum-range-i-can-get/17248

345nm a couple of days ago, quite unusual considering my average max is around 240nm although not unheard of as I have had 300nm+ with a different set up.

Current set up is FA 26" antenna at 8m above ground, 9m LMR400, FA ProStickPlus, RPi3 and Xubuntu MySQL server.

Gday Mike thats good range from your side i get anything within 320nm from your way auckland,christchurch,quuenstown and yesterday i got 409nm past canberra from tasmania.

Regards Lino.

284nm this morning, using a pi zero.

313Nm maximum with RPI3 , common rtl-sdr stick, FA filter, DC inverter, cheap cable (5 meters or so), RCA amplifier and home made CoCo with 7 elements, hanging at 5th floor outside my balcony around half meter. I have obstructed horizon, 3 buildings in the immediate vicinity on the right, one on the left, and a set of skyscrapers at around 15km away. Best view is N and NW, the rest i get from bouncing signals.

Medim range is 250 Nm in these conditions

303nm, ADS-B, from the rooftop level of the Cyprus parking garage at Fort Lauderdale international Airport .

Using this setup:


I thought the blue stick had a filter built in? Does the double filter help with your reception?

I get much better performance with the added filter.

It might be because of the high number of cell towers around my location.

This is my set up in the backyard:


Cool setup!
Nice Yacht!