Newbie questions, Coverage and Monitoring



I am two days old in feeding with flightfeeder. Could some one clarify me on below.

About coverage,
I stay near to coast, and when a aircraft fly across sea, the far distance which I receive signal is between 200 - 230 NM, it is possible to receive signals beyond ?

About Monitoring, I own a loaner device, how do I montior the device health (CPU, Memory, Disk & Network utilized ) ?

Regards, maafeeder


hello maafeeder, as regards your question, it will depend how your receiver antenna is fed and how high you have it as well as the terrain you working off, but 200 NM is about the average I have seen good luck hope this helps


You can find answer to your question using the method given in First Post of this thread:

What is the Maximum Range I can Get?



Thank you, now I got it… any assistance on loaner device monitoring ?


There are different flightfeeder generations, but I do not think there is a way to add any monitoring capabilities to any of them.


Okie… understood