What's up with the Russian Wife ad on the home page?


Rather inappropriate to have nude women appear on the homepage don’t you think? I’m just saying. :blush:


Which ad space on the home page? It should be Breitling in the upper right and our iPhone app on the lower left.


It came up when I brought the web site up this morning. It was in the breitling spot in the right hand corner. I don’t remember if it occurred before I logged in or not. It was there though. I did not imagine it. Do you think it could have been related to my machine? I’m not using my usual machine.


:laughing: cmon Sam dont blame it on the machine…its ok buddy we all go there every once in awhile…


Imagine my surprize! It’s not happening now but I did see it. Very weird!


haha I had the same thing happen about 6 months ago. It was a condoms ad, and I posted about it. Of course got grilled. What er you lookin at?


I think they should have MORE images of nude women! But maybe that’s just me…


You gotta kinda expect the grilling when you post something like that here. But I’m more interested in maintaining the integrity of FA than anything else.


Did the ad fit the space? By that I mean did it have the right dimensions (approximately square, 300x250) or was it like you were seeing half of a wider ad cut off?

It’s possible this was due to a virus/trojan on the local machine that hijacked the DNS or targeted ads specifically.

We’re looking into this on our side but we haven’t found anything yet. If you see it again, please take a screenshot and note the URL it links to (hover over the image and your browser should tell you at the bottom).


+1 :bulb: “The nude photo thread” 8)


This is what I’m thinking.

As far as the dimensions of the ad it looked like it fit the space.