Deformed Child


Lose the disgusting ad on your home page. It doesn’t make me want to send them money; it just steers me away from your site until you drop it.


Are you referring to an ad on the page?

I don’t see any ads on that page at all, let alone a “disgusting” one. What is the ad for that you’re referring to?

Objectionable ads are never welcome, but you need to keep in mind that the ad pays for FA so you don’t have to.


WHAT does this have to do with a deformed child?


Um, I’m not seeing anything on the homepage.

Erase your cookies and refresh.


Close your Myspace page and try again!


LMAO…Wazz, You have the best since of humor. I always look forward to your comments. Keep it up!! :laughing:


Obviously, you have no concept of how the Google ads work. FlightAware has some control over the content but not that much.

If the ad - whatever it is because you didn’t really describe it well - offends you, just ignore it. Or, just keep clicking it. That will cause the advertiser’s cost to go up because they are paying on a per-click basis. Once you have clicked it often enough, their entire advertising budge would have been blow, they go out of business, and you don’t have to see the ad anymore.

What home page are you talking about? I don’t see any ads on the home page. I do see them on this page and the actual flight tracking pages. I wouldn’t call them home pages, though. The home page is

Wish I had thought of this first!


I think I saw the ad he was talking about!



A child with a cleft palate is disgusting?

What an insensitive, uncaring lout stave best be.


There’s nothing wrong with that ad. It’s an attention getter to get people to donate to a charity.


Well I just joined. I love the website and the ad doesn’t bother me a bit. I probably won’t send them any money unless they show a picture of a kitten with a cleft palate, that would be my weak spot.

So you may have lost Stave but you now have Jeepsterdufus. :smiling_imp:


Jeepster? As in that magnificent creation of the Willys Jeep Co.?


C ya later stave, thank’s for stopping by.


Somebody say “Jeep”?


Down boy! Heel.

Not real Jeeps.


Hey, he could be talking about the late 60’s - early 70’s Jeepster Commando