What's going on in EWR

In the FAA computer, it is showing delays into Newark due to an aircraft emergency but I have not seen anything on the typical sites, here, Today in the Sky, CNN, etc.

United 634 made an emergency landing at KEWR at 9:30.

chicagotribune.com/news/chi- … 5297.story


Mouse over (details) in the delay message to see RWY-TAXI / DISABLED AIRCRAFT.

When I did that, nothing showed. I was using a work computer that has an outdated version of IE

Collapsed landing gear was the reason/cause, right rear main

FlightAware Flight Tracker Untied flight UAL634 N816UA Airbus A319


Hey United, how’s them scarebus’ workin for ya?

I was just in the vicinity of EWR and while I couldn’t see the jet, I noticed a very large lighted display at the end one of the 4s in the shape of an X. I flashed about once every second. I had never seen it before so I’m guessing it’s to indicate the closed runway.


From airliners.net

From the pictures I have two questions/observations. It looks like maybe the gear door did not open fully and the mains got jammed on it.
Also, why would the wind turbine/generator be deployed? Would they have deployed it for power and then cut the engines just before touchdown to try and limit the chance for a fire?

Don’t know about the scarebus, but that could be a hydraulic generator which may 'splain the emergency.

Yeah. Hydraulic generator** on an Airbus**… :smiley:

I found an explanation of the RAT.

If both AC bus 1 and 2 are lost and the airspeed is above 100 kts, the RAT automatically deploys and pressurizes the Blue hydraulic system, which drives the hydraulically-driven emergency generator. A generator control unit controls generator output which is considerably lower than that of the main generators.

Once the emergency generator is up to speed it will supply power to the AS ESS BUS and DC ESS BUS (via the ESS TR). During RAT deployment and emergency generator coupling (approximately 8 seconds), the batteries supply power to these buses.

After landing, the DC BAT bus is automatically connected to the batteries when airspeed drops below 100 knots. When the speed decreases below 50 knots, the AC ESS bus is automatically shed, and power is lost to the CRTs.

The RAT can also be deployed manually by pressing the EMER ELEC PWR MAN ON pb on the overhead panel. The RAT can only be stowed on the ground.

The RAT can also be extended by depressing the RAT MAN ON pb, on the hydraulic panel. This pb will cause only the pressurization of the Blue hydraulic system and will not provide emergency electrical power.

We had one of those at DAY for a year when they were doing runway construction. The thing was bright.

Correct. I have seen this type of signage at KJAN,

Not always seen from ground level, but I believe there would be a good chance there would also be a yellow X marked on the runway itself.

Runway closures without that lighted signage I am sure are marked with a yellow X on the runway.

I was unaware United still had planes in the old livery. The new one must have been around for five years.

It’d be interesting to know why the RAT was extended…

Have you read the thread Asav8r?

Yep, I sure did. :unamused: John’s post explains “how” the system works. But it doesn’t answer the why in this incident…nor do I think that that was his intent when he provided the information.