Crazy Storms in NE


Just look at any planes that are supposed to land at EWR between 10:30 and 11. Here’s an example:


That looks like fun… :angry: I’m gonna have some fun and find some flights that are en route and see if they are holding…


There’s quite a few, I’m listening to my scanner, and it sounds like they’re just starting to take off and land again.


A few flights affected by the weather: … /KDFW/KEWR … /KORD/KEWR … /KMSP/KEWR

#5 Scroll down and you will find the KEWR
airport frequency. Not the best reception but it works.


That must be new, I don’t remember them having an EWR feed, just the JFK one. Either way, I’m more than happy with my PRO-97. :wink:


Funny thing, I almost bought the PRO-97 but ended up with a Uniden BC-246T. Do you have a standard antenna or a larger one?


I have a telescoping metal one, it’s about 2 feet long. Folds down to be a bit bigger than the standard one. Only cost $16, and works wonders. How do you like the Uniden?

BTW I was listening to the LiveATC feed and my scanner side by side, and the LiveATC has about a 20 second delay off real time. Pretty cool. :slight_smile:


Yeah, has to go through to the internet and all that jazz. I think I’m gonna get a larger antenna because the standard one is best for only a few miles if that. I chose the Uniden over the PRO-97 because it says the frequecy name like KORD tower. Comes programmed with a lot of them too.


The PRO-97 actually has the text tags also. It says “KEWR TOWER” or “NJSP CAR2CAR” when those things come up.

The reason I got the PRO-97 is that it went on sale for $150, which is $50 off the usual price.


Oh, do you remember where you got you antenna? On sale?


This is the exact one right here.


I will have to visit one of the local stores and see if its compatible with my scanner. Thanks for that!


I just looked at a picture of the BC-246T, and it looks as if it is the same kind of antenna connection.