What is your favorite aircraft to fly on when going on flights?

My favorite aircraft to fly on is probably the United 757-200 on the SFO-DEN route.

Gulfstream G II

Or an Airbus A380 if i am flying commercial.

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I have never flown on an A380, mainly because I fly just short routes.

Probably not convenient to you but there have been some quite short scheduled A380 flights.

Yeah, I live near Portland OR so I would have to do something like PDX-SFO-SYD.

My favorites in order of preference are: Falcon 900LX, Global 5000, ACJ220. I’ll fly commercial if there is no other option. Then the B747 is my favorite.

I caught a glimpse of a Korean Air 747 8i at SFO on saturday. The 747 is quite awsome.

B747 was my favourite for long haul until the A380 came along.

Both are big and comfortable.

I won’t fly on an Airbus. I do not like them.

I know what you mean. All the creaking noises an Airbus makes on taking off and landing do not inspire confidence. (Even though it may not matter vis-a-vis safety).

My favorite aircraft is the 787. The pressurization to a lower altitude, plus more humid air and what seems like more headroom makes for a more comfortable trip.

I’m manufacturer agnostic.

I liked the B747 and i liked the A380

I’ve done 6 hour flight from Melbourne to Bali in a B737 and it was horrible.

A similar flight in a brand new A321neo and it was the worst long haul flight ever. I will strenuously attempt to never fly on one again. (I was booked on a B787 but they substituted aircraft at the last moment.) I normally can sleep on any plane but just not possible on the A321neo.

Great plane spoilt by airlines cramming in one more seat per row than they were designed for.


Flew on an A319 from SFO-PDX and I tried to get into my seat (I am 5ft11) And banged my head into the overhead consoles/baggage compartments. The roof was so low that it probably had 1.5 ft from the window bottom to the roof with the consoles.

In my opinion, if it gets you from point A to point B im satisfied at a minimum. However the A319/320 do have weird squeaking/creaking noises when pushing back,Taking off, Or even in the Air. I would probably rate the A319 6.5/10.

There are many methods of travel that gets one from point A to point B. 75% of those I would never consider because one can’t go from point A to point B without adding points C, D and E. Usually I have a business friend who connects me with a corporate jet going to my destination either for free or I charter. That is my preferred way to travel without all of the security issues and restrictions. Flying private/charter is very cost effective due to less travel time, overnight accommodations, etc. The only time charter is very costly is when traveling alone.

Oh, I just meant point A-B flying and not any other way. Trains are very slow
except for the bullet trains which are only in other places like Japan, China, or New York subways? Flying is my preferred way of travelling and just the overall experience is great. I do however fly standby with my Grandfather and thats how I get on my flights as my flight are more for recreation then company/business reasons.

Train travel isn’t a real option except for commuters in the Northeast US and Chicago. I was referring to air travel. On my last trip I chartered 5 hours of flight time @ $10k per hour wet. It allowed our group of 6 to fly from PIE to BZE and do our business and return the same day. Going commercial would have taken 3 days (2 for travel & 1 for business) and about the same out of pocket cash. Net savings was 12 man days of productivity.

Train travel is also a great way to see a country.

We have just come back from Western Australia whre we went to view the Total Eclipse of the Sun. We travelled on the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Sydney which took 4 days.

We have also travelled the Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide, the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco, the Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver and return and next year plan to travel from Toronto to Vancouver on The Canadian.

The mining company I worked for had Gulfstreams and not only did you save a day each way travelling you could also work and have meetings whilst travelling without exposing anything. I was always amazed that people couldn’t understand that if there was more than 4 people (12 seater) on board it was cheaper than flying commercial economy. (This was provided the bar stayed closed. It there was a sufficiently senior person on board to open the bar the cost of the gin was probably the same as the cost of the jet fuel :laughing:).


You can travel on Amtrak on all sorts of different routes from the pacific straight to the east coast. However it is very expensive.

That kind of train travel is for very wealthy leisure travelers such as those on holiday.

Yeah but I just wanted to add that in.