787 Dreamliner Viz A380 Airbus


I travel from Australia to the US regularly, when Qantas started using the Dreamliner I was looking forward flying in this new aircraft. I was so disappointed, it’s like flying in a stretched 737. Its a long flight from Aus. to the US.
I now actually go out of my way to use the Airbus A380 out of Melbourne, I appreciate the extra space, overhead bins and the inflight entertainment that always works. It’s has been referred to as the ‘Nightmare liner’
Have spoken to other passengers this seems to be a common comment.
I hope Qantas doesn’t replace it’s A380 aircraft with the 787


I have only taken the Qantas A380 for one return trip but I loved it.


I never flew on the A380. The 787 is my preferred plane at the moment. I like the fact that it’s quieter, and the cabin air quality is the best I’ve experienced.


I also like the B787, although one issue with QFs -900 aircraft is that they have narrower seats than the -800. However, I actually prefer the A350.