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Airbus stopping production of A380s in 2021

How do you feel with Airbus stopping production of A380s?

Very sad.

Long haul 15 hour flights out of Australia I think it has the most comfortable economy seats.


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That was actually one of the few Airbus planes that I liked, except the seating arrangement 3-4-3 (avoid the windows seats), loved the 4 engine.

Now they are all for economy, two engine planes, because the bureaucrats decided that’s ok…



having four engines was crucial in the most serious A380 emergency yet when a Qantas A380 suffered an engine explosion on its climb out of Singapore’s Changi airport in November 2010. The plane, badly damaged, was able to return to Singapore on the power of its remaining three engines, even though all of those were degraded. Even then, it was a close-call for the 469 people aboard.

Gotta disagree here… I’ve done a QF A380, an AA 773 and a AA 789 on that flight and the QF A380 was the worst IMO…

That’s OK. The question was about how I feel about the end of production of the A380.

I’ve flown a fair bit over the last few years and living in Melbourne AU most flights are 7 to 15 hours. By far, the most comfortable economy seat was a brand new Emirates A380 I flew to Dubai about 2 years ago. (15 hours)

I always sit on an aisle seat so I always have easy access and no problems with encroaching walls or emergency slides etc. The seat was very comfortable and I did not feel at all cramped. I slept most of the way.

I use noise cancelling headphones and at one stage I woke up and there was no sensation of noise or vibration. I actually thought I had slept through the landing.

A few months ago I did a return trip to Singapore on a QF A380 which is now 10 years old and in need of a complete refit but it was still very comfortable and spacious.

By comparison, most other long haul planes I have flown in economy recently are so cramped and claustrophobic, vibrate and are noisy and bump and grind all over the place.

I have a trip coming up flying several of each of B787, A330, ERJ-190 and a train from Chicago to San Francisco.

I’ll let you know if I find any of them better than an A380.


OMG! That’s something else!
Is it this one: https://www.amtrak.com/california-zephyr-train ?


We have also travelled on the Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide.

Unlike the A380 I could put my 4WD and Off Road camper on the train.



Have fun on Amtrak. It will be a wonderful experience with some great views. Don’t count on being on time, though. With the majority of the rail owned by the freight companies, the long freight trains take precedence over Amtrak…