Favorite Aircraft/Airline?


What is your favorite aircraft to fly in, and why? What is your favorite airline, and why?


Favorite aircraft is 717 because of the smoothness of the ride and how quiet it was. Favorite airline is Southwest, because they’re ran well, very friendly, and I have never had a bad experience with them. Plus, their staff is hilarious!!

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How can you tell a Polish airliner? :laughing:


My favorite Aircrafts are IL-76 and Airbus-380.
And my favorite Airline is Aeroflot.


QANTAS. 747 or A380.
NYC-SYD I get free food and drinks (inc alcohol) the whole way (Code shares get nothing, not even a pillow for free on the domestic sections).
Great snack bar at the rear and they give you a snack bag after dinner (leaving LAX or SYD).


Swiss is my favorite Airline
A380 and MD11 my favorite aircrafts :smiley:


Hello friends. My favorite airline is LATAM (It was the first time I fly). I think the Emirates is the best airline, correct?
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As a frequent international flyer,I don’t have a specific preference for aircraft type as long as it’s a wide-body with more space for legs. I actually prefer the airlines with friendly cabin crew and serving good meals in Economy class. There are several of them but Turkish Airlines is my favorite.


Ozark… F27


probably of all the airplanes, i have ever flown is the DC 10. Favorite plane that operates now is the Airbus A321

Favorite airline Was TWA now Jetblue


Air Canada - 777


Favorite Passenger flight is Southwest. However, you can see by my screen name, My favorite airline for cargo is UPS. As for favorite aircrafts I don’t have one as a passenger but for loading cargo 747. It has lots of room to move around during loading. That and depending on what and who is loading you can open the nose and load that way.


Aeromexico, beacuse… I live in Monterrey, MEX and in my lifetime I had been flighting with that Airline. My favrite aircraft of Aeromexico is Boeing 787-900. And when Malaysia Airlines have her A380 thats my favorite aircraft.
Qatar Airways had Boeing 777, that airplane have a flight from DOHA (DOH) to LOS ANGELES (LAX)


Boeing 747SP…high and fast and CO early 90’s especially First on the old 742s and DC10-10/30. Before the glamour completely disappeared