Favorite airplane to fly for airline pilots


I know most pilots have autopilot on for 90% or more of the flight but does anyone know what airplanes are the pilots airplanes of the airlines.


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By use of the topic subject, I’ll say that probably 75-90% of the pilots you ask would identify the plane they fly as their favorite, if for no other reason than familiarity and “comfort” with their particular type. So if you’re looking for a simple, clean cut answer, I highly doubt you’ll find one.


727 :smiley:


I have several friends who are 747 drivers and they will all wax eloquent at length that it’s the best aircraft they’ve ever flown.


Sure was fun to be a passenger. Love the cheeks on my face getting pushed back to my ears on takeoff. Sorry, back to topic…


leardvr I second that!!!


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if you mean what the pilots enjoy i bet it would be the 757. So much power.


I was talking to a 737 American Airlines pilot last month who concurs that the 757 is the most enjoyable plane to fly. Ten years ago a NWA pilot told me the same thing. Lots of power, just plain fun to drive. Flight attendants hate it 'cause of the narrow aisles.


I would say the 767, its comfortable, and is light for hand flying,


757 is a blast to fly, but the seats are horible, at least in the older models!!




787 dreamliner, with auto pilot on lol


I guess it depends on the pilot. I have a friend that used to fly a DC-9 for Midway – he claimed it was the last jet that a pilot had to fly. The lack of automation and the short hops meant for a busy day, with little time to sit back on autopilot. When Midway went belly up he moved to a DC10 and now he flies a 747-400 for a charter company. He loved the short hop flights – lots of take offs and landings – on the old DC-9. He has an easier job now.


I would imagine the longer flights boring to fly, or to put on autopilot. I would think a pilot would enjoy the short hops where the pilot gets more flying (or action) then having the autopilot fly.

But it is more money!

My pick: CRJ, fast, lot of action


i have heard the dornier 328jet is fun to fly. inital climb rates of 4500-5000 feet per minute, it is like a rocket (from a passenger point of view). I also hear it has good handling


I used to work as a flight attendant for a company they flew the 328JET. It was fun to see passengers freak out during the climb.


I asked my son about this because some of the planes he’s flown have been mentioned. Here is what I remember of his comments.

No 100% favorite, and a qualifying note for all…

Dornier 328 (turboprop)-very nimble, fun, all glass, cramped cockpit.

737/3/5-loved the big rudder in crosswind landings, cramped cockpit, noisy.

A319/320-nice cockpit (more room and no yoke), not enthusiastic about the airbus computer controlling in crosswind landings, more difficult to make smooth landings. Quieter than 737.

757-powerful aircraft, nice flying in all respects.

767-very nice to fly, responsive in spite of its size, the most quiet of all (great for long flights).

Some pilots refer to the 757 as the sports car and the 767 as the Lexus.



one question, is there a rule that say pilots have to engage the autopilot before a certain height? or can they fly manually upto crusie alt? i know in some airliners (say the 727) doesnt have good or none at all autopilot but is there a rule that accounts to more advanced aircraft?