Best Cockpit


What airliner (type of plane) has the best cockpit?



The 707, I’m old school


boeing 717


Best cockpit to me is whatever one I happen to be sitting in.
My artsy side:


well i cnt seem to attach a picture, but my best cockpit is the B757/767 one, dont ask me why but i love the b757/767, just fell in love with it years ago!!!

:blush: i know im nuts!


One word: CONCORDE
Maybe I’m just biased because I love the plane…


i got to agree with jgona on the 717 as the best cockpit


My personal fav(s) are the King Air(s) but I agree on the 707 too. The 707 seems like such an old and complex aircraft but I’ve been in the cockpits and found them to be surprisingly small and simple. Just my opinion.


Of course I am biased to the fleet I fly with :slight_smile: Lear 36



Their flightdecks may be great but riding in one is not much better than riding in a CRJ. (Especially row 26. It doesn’t have a window!!!)

The 717 is a good choice. …for looks.

I like the feel of the flight decks’ of twin aisle jets. They are very roomy.

First: 777
Second: 767
Third: 757

The SR20/22 is the worst cockpit of ALL time in my opinion. It looks like a car’s inside with an Avidyne PFD/MFD and a pair of GNS 430s.


don’t the 757 and 767 have practically the same cockpit? could you put one over the other?


yes jgona the 757 and 767 have same cockpits, which is why first choice do a sort of similar thing like airtours, with airtours a pilot can fly short haul on the A320 but a few days later can be flying long haul on the A330 i think its called Cross-Crew Qualification (CCQ)???, as they have same cockpit layout, i remember once flying with first choice to palma, we flew on a 757 going out, i met the Captain and 2weeks later we flew on a 767 flying back and it was the same guy,
my top 3 is:

  1. 767/757
  2. 737NG
    3)DeHavilland Dash 8Q-400