What do you guys terminate a collinear DIY antenna with?


Hi all

I built a collinear antenna and it works great but I have used F type connectors and they keep falling off the cable as it’s not tight enough. I’d like to use N Type connectors as they seem the more solid alternative but these look to be even bigger and I’m not sure SMA will take the weight/movement whilst outside.

What is the general consensus for terminating the end of the array?

Also I’ve been looking at changing to a better cable quality now that I want the antenna on the roof as the cable run will be a good 10m-ish and found LMR400 seems to be recommended, can this be used for the entire array and cabling run as I may buy a reel and do the whole lot again.


You are probably using the wrong cable. RG59 is thinner than RG6, so the connector is different.


So would you recommend going with RG6 rather than LMR400? The price difference is substantial!


The point is that you need F connectors that are designed for the cable diameter you’re using.

Either F or N should be fine if they’re properly installed. You don’t really want to be putting mechanical stress on a connector regardless of what it is…

Lower loss cable is generally a good thing (look at the specs for loss at 1GHz, and beware that it’s sometimes quoted per 100ft and sometimes per 100m) but whether it makes a big difference depends on the length of the cable run.


I use Crimp type F connectors. A lot more secure.


twist the shielding braid together to form a tail. then push that tale backwards up the cable then attach the f-connector.

This will increase the diameter of the cable and the f connector may stay on. Its a abodge but it does work.


AFAIK there is no F connector for the LMR400, only N:
awcwire.com/productspec.aspx … connectors