"RG6" N Connector Warning


So I decided that I wanted to replace the F to N connector/adapter at my FA antenna connection. Ordered this from Amazon:

N Male Plug Straight Crimp For RG6 RG59 RFC240 Cable RF Connector Adapter

Quick arrival. However, after getting all setup on the roof to solder, etc, I discover that the crimp tube will not slide over the RG6. I go to the garage where there’s two rolls, two different mfg. Will not slip over. I did manage to get the tip soldered on, cable sized up right to push the connector on. All is good except no crimp. Well, I came this far and really want to see if my non-weatherproof, two adapter connection was harming me. I wrapped the cable in several layers of aluminum foil, then two pieces of self amalg tape, then zip ties. It’s all self-supporting anyways (the cable) so it won’t come off.

Will monitor and see if my old connections were compromised.


RG6, RG8x and LMR-240 are very close in size, but RG59 is a bit smaller regarding the crimp collar for sure. The discription on the plug you ordered is maybe a bit decieving. Doing a quick check on Ebay try N Male LMR-240 RG8x connector finds some. Sometimes I think some sellers really don’t know what they are selling. Make sure you include a review on the product saying it wasn’t what you expected.
Hope your connection works well in any case.


It’s a good connection for sure. Think I’m getting a bit more range. Regardless, got rid of another adapter. Waterproofed it. Sweated out 5 lbs while up there.

I’ll run with this for a few weeks.

I have another antenna coming from China. Will put that up on the same post. It’s SMA so I have to think that through some more (connector and cable -wize).

1pcs ADS-B PCB Antenna 1090Mhz antenna


PCB Antenna at Ebay.
Gain: 6 dBi
SWR: 1.1
Impedance: 50 Ω

All this for US $8.90 :roll_eyes:
If this is true, then FlightAware should stop selling their 26" Antenna at Amazon :rofl:



I have purchased this as well, yet to install.


I thought the same thing. There may be ‘black magic’ with antennas, but no miracles.:grin:

My experience shows that it’s either a Quick Spider, if money is tight, or the FA antenna. All others are nice experiments, but duplicating results is not a guaranteed outcome.


There are a number of those PCB antennas being offered on the auction site, they all seem to be offshoots of two basic designs- although I saw one that also had an integrated LNA and included Bias T at $30-40 US. They make no claim as to gain on that one although it seems to have the same 6Dbi sticker as the photo posted above.

Probably of interest to tinker with, but I cannot see them being any serious challenger to FAs antenna performance, which is a very nice product at a reasonable price.


The picture shows what appears to be a cloned RTL-SDR dongle.

A couple of other cloned brand name SDRs are showing up as well. Read all about it here:


After all is said and done, there is no better value than an FA Pro + stick and an FA antenna, if you can afford them.

It’s possible to get a little more performance in other ways, but the ‘law of diminishing returns’ kicks in in no time.


A lot of my twiddling with stuff is caused by a curious mind, not common sense :grin:



I have one of those as well, newly bought. Seems to work ok, but haven’t really tested or compared to the FA antenna or a spider.


Have to agree with that statement… Playing around with various pre-amps, filtering, etc… very difficult to beat the basic setup, flightaware antenna up high in the open, decent feedline, and pro-stick plus.


The ebay PCB antenna has dimensions specified as follows:

Size: 128X19.5mm

Seeing photo of interior, it is a dipole, and each limb is 1/2 x 128mm = 64mm = 1/4 wavelength (nearly).

It is well known that a dipole with two 1/4 wavelength limbs has a gain of 2.2 dBi and SWR of 1.5 at 50 Ω.

It is very evident that the seller/manufacturer has put a sticker with false and blown up figures.

This antenna should perform less than a Spider and Cantenna, or at the best, equal to these.




My next step is four runs of LMR400 UF from the basement shack to the peak. Discard the RG8X and RG6 (scanner, dual band 2M/440 and two ADS-B antennas). Plus hoping for a new weather station that will install in the general area. One trip up would be nice…


Likely another disadvantage of a vertical dipole antenna is the “gain” pattern is equal below the horizon, so it might pick up a bit more site noise/interference from other local devices. Something like the 1090 cantenna has slightly more gain above the horizon due to the ground plane effect.


I have to revisit the Yagi antenna thread(s). Think there’s an antenna concentrator thread too. Or buy a 100 ft tower…fun stuff.


My spidey is still at Par with the FA, must just be lucky on my build lol