Canadian sources for quality cables.

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if any Canadians on here would like to share their sources for cabling in their ADS-B setups.

Sorry, I dont use quality cable. Rather I use the cheapest available cable, which I purchased from Dollarama, 50 ft coil of RG6 for Canadian $6.99 :slight_smile:

Did you just use adapters to make everything work to and from the coax F connectors? If so where did you get your adapters?

I have the Flightaware antenna, so I need the cable to be N male to SMA male.

  1. I use RG6 because my entire installation (including antennas) is indoor, and cable runs are short (12 ft/4 m in system-1; 4 ft/1.3 m in system-2).

At FA antenna end, I use N-male to F-female adapter, and at Filter end I use F-female to SMA-male pigtail. The pigtail is better than adapter as it provides flexibility and reduces mechanical pull on the Fiter & Dongle. I purchased the pigtails from Please see image 1 below.

  1. If your antenna is installed outdoors and your cable run is greater than 10 meters, I recommend you use coax LMR400. It is available in different lengths on Two versions are available:
    (a) With both ends having N-Male connector (needs N to SMA adaptor or pigtail at Filter/Dongle end)
    (b) N-Male at one end, SMA-Male at other end. The SMA-male end fits directly to Filter, but I recommend adding a pigtail at Filter to reduce pull of heavy LMR400 cable on the Filter or Dongle.

Please see image 2 below.
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(3) Be careful when ordering cables/pigtails/connectors for SMA. The SMA connector comes in two verieties:
(a) SMA: male has pin, female has hole
(b) RP-SMA: male has hole, female has pin. Used mainly on WiFi.

Please see image 3 below.

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This is FA antenna’s connection using RG6 coax:
N-male to F-female adapter at antenna
F-female to MCX-male pigtail at DVB-T end.
For FA Pro Stick and/or FA filter, pigtail is F-male to SMA-male. The pigtail cable is RG316.

Pgtails & adapters purchased from &

For those of you in Canada looking for an easy way to get high quality cables with the proper terminations on them check out Infinite Cables.

Just look under Antenna Cables & Accessories.

Dang… thank you for that link!! Being in Canada, its huge after my hours of searching.

Thank you as well for all the details in your posts!