How to connect Stick + Filter + Antenna


Hello all,

just got the new flightaware stick and filter from amazon… I have an existing flightaware 1090 antenna connected to an old nooelec dongle via a N male to MCX male right angle 6’’ ,… however, i noticed that now when I connect the flightaware dongle SMA-F to SMA-M on the filter… the other side that connects to the antenna is SMA-F… Im having a hard time finding a cable that is SMA-F to N Male… any ideas? (trying to buy from amazon preferably).


I had the same issue.
Get a double SMA-M adapter. I got a few for a couple of dollars.

Be really careful with SMA-RP connectors. They are now common as they are mandated on a lot of WIFI gear.
The connectors will fit but the pins are reversed.


Note you need an SMA Male to N Male cable, not SMA Female to N Male, since the exposed connector on the filter is SMA Female. These male to male cables are quite common and can be found on Amazon.


(1) 6 inch RG316 coaxial cable - SMA male to N male

(2) 5 meters, RG58 coaxial cable pigtail - SMA male to N male

(3) 10 ft LMR195 coaxial cable - SMA Male to N Male