Antenna connection matching

If I have the flightaware 1090 antenna and I have the flightaware 1090 filter, can I use something like this to connect them: … 001GUOAW2/


Looks OK in photo, but word WiFi in its description (N-Male to SMA-Male Wi-Fi Adapter) makes it doubtful as WiFi uses RP-SMA

What connector/cable should I use instead? How about this one? … 019EWN6JQ/

Looks good both in photo and in description/features. No mention of WiFi.

N male to SMA male connector RG142 plate copper with silver 100cm cable.


  1. high quality cable RG142 double shielding cable
  2. high temperature resistance 200°C
  3. Connector Material:Pure brass with Great connectivity.(Not Alloy)
  4. N male to SMA male
  5. 100cm CABLE

That well known non-alloy, brass.

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Well caught :mrgreen:
Those were not my words, copy pasted from amazon page, and as is usual with copy-paste, did not notice it.

Thanks, you two! I’ve ordered it and hopefully on Thursday my PiAware ADS-B will be up and running with its antenna!