ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass and Antenna

So I have bought the ADS-B 1090MHz filter the RF cable assembly SMA male to MCX male right angle and the 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna - 66cm / 26in.

My question is what cable do i need to connect the Antenna to the filter?

I apologize but im not great with my knowledge of cables.


You have to look at the equipment to see what type of plugs they need.
The FA filter uses SMA connectors.
You don’t specify the antenna. If it is an FA Antenna then they need N Male connectors.
It looks like you may need a female SMA to male N type 50 ohm cable.

You are in the U.S. so you have a huge amount of companies that can supply this type of cable.
You need to know how long the run will be. A longer run, without an amplifier, will need better coax cable. The stuff I use is over $1 per foot.

I bought everything from FA amazon so it is the FA antenna. Do you happen to know of any large where I could go out and buy one in store or is it better off just getting it off amazon? I will start with a 1 foot cable for now just to make sure everything is up and working and then determine where I will mount it and the required cable length later.

Thanks for the help

I have seen longish pre-made cables on Amazon.

I use this one in my bedroom at the moment (It has the exact same setup as you. Dongle. pigtail, sma filter, sma-n cable below then FA antenna) … detailpage

This is were I got my cable. They will build them for you (about $10 plus the connector and cable cost) … blies-344/

Perfect thanks for the help!

Also note that buildings/walls and even many windows will attenuate the signal at these frequencies.
The higher the antenna the better.

Don’t forget to add you antenna location details to your webpage
You can set the level of detail that other users see(exact, 1km, 10km for privacy)
This information is needed for MLAT resolution of aircraft that don’t provide GNSS location details.